Bolsa Veggio


What is the Veggio Bag?


For some years now, we have been looking to end the large-scale use of plastic bags. Single-use plastic bags are one of the causes of the serious problem that our oceans encounter today.
Our seas are full of plastic, with the damage, at all levels, that this brings to the living beings of the planet.
There is still no solution to this huge problem of the plastic Al facing the world.
But there is an easy way to remove single-use plastic containers in fruit and vegetable purchases that we make in different establishments.
Many people are already positioning themselves in this situation and are proposing a change in their buying uses, with a new habit, carry their own bags and reuse them.
Therefore, with Veggio Bags this goal is achieved, since it is a bag made of recycled plasticsince it is a bag made of recycled plastic, transparent and breathable,Reusable to buy fruits and vegetables.
We expose three advantages of using our product for everyday use:
  • Let your fresh produce breathe and stay fresh for longer.
  • Veggio bags are made of plastic
    recycled, food quality and high quality.
  • Reduce the number of one-time bags in your life and on our planet.
  • The future is in our hands and with a simple gesture we can change and modify the direction of our planet.

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Sostenibilidad y eficiencia.
Sustainability and efficiency.